Software Recommendations

My Favorite Software & Apps

I am excited to partner with some of the best software tools for accounting, payroll, and tax. I work with these companies regularly in my own business and highly recommend them to all of my clients. These companies have been generous enough to extend some great discounts and special offers exclusively to my clients and website visitors.

Cloud-Based Accounting Software

QuickBooks Online:

As a business owner myself, QuickBooks is essential for organizing my books.  I would recommend it to anyone who is a small business owner. QuickBooks can help you invoice your customers and receive payments, track and pay bills, manage expenses and mileage, track bank balances, run financial reports, and so much more!
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ZohoBooks & ZohoOne:

If your a fan of the Zoho ecosystem then ZohoBooks may be the perfect fit for your business.  I love that you can manage all aspects of your business (marketing, operations, finance, and more) from one software suite with ZohoOne!
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Payroll Providers


I love ADP because they make compliance challenges easy. Run payroll and file taxes effortlessly while managing your team with confidence. ADP also provides 24/7 customer support and seamless integration with QuickBooks.
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Gusto makes it easy to onboard, pay, insure, and support your team. Simple pricing and integration with QuickBooks Online are why I love Gusto.
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Tax Prep Apps

DIY Tax Preparation:

Do you have a simple return that you wish to prepare yourself?  Prepare your taxes at home for just $25!⁵
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For clients who aren’t ready for a full-service monthly accounting package, I have partnered with TaxFyle for tax preparation. TaxFyle will hand-pick a CPA or EA for your tax preparation needs. Your tax pro will be skilled in handling your type of tax needs and will complete your return online. Yor Pro is there to answer any questions you may have, just as if you were in person. It is free to create an account and get a price quote.
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By clicking the links above, you are leaving this website and will be redirected to a third-party site.  Any fees that you may incur will be paid directly to the third-party and NOT to Katie Blackmon CPA PLLC.  While I have researched these companies as thoroughly as possible, Katie Blackmon CPA PLLC makes NO guarantees about the company or products and services they offer. 1-Katie Blackmon CPA PLLC may receive a referral fee for your paid subscription of 60 days in the amount of one-month the full retail price of your subscription. 2-Katie Blackmon CPA PLLC may receive a commission of no more than 25% of your subscription price for the first four years. 3-Katie Blackmon CPA PLLC may receive a commission under the terms of the ADP Revenue Share Incentive Program of no more than fifty percent of the estimated annual payroll/tax fees based on actual billings during the referrals’ three-month audit period, and a ten percent residual payment for any referrals over one year up to year five, or until the client terminates services with ADP. 4-Katie Blackmon CPA PLLC may receive a $100 Visa Gift Card after your first paid month. 5-Katie Blackmon CPA PLLC may receive a referral fee of up to 80%. 6-Use coupon code is KBCPA10 at checkout and you will receive a 10% discount up to $50 on your return price.  Katie Blackmon CPA PLLC may receive a revenue share equal to 50% of the net margin of your purchase.